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Instantly Transform , Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding, Voiceover with only 3 clicks!

We GUARANTEE no one will tell your voiceover is A.I. generated

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  • Transform any text into stunning speech.
  • Both Male & Female Voices Included
  • Works in English, French, German and 41 other languages
  • The tone of the voice can be modified for custom requirements.
  • Works with all video creation & editing software: Adobe Premier, iMovie, Camtasia, etc.
  • The only A.I. Software that adds inflections in the voice
  • Over 301+ human-sounding voices
  • Works on all devices. No need to install. Cloud-based SAAS application.
  • No Technical skill or experience required.

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Transform Any Text Into A HUMAN SOUNDING VOICEOVER in Just 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Paste Your Text

Copy and paste the text you want to be transformed into our text editor. Our system will automatically enhance the entered text to make the speech sound natural.

Step 2

Choose a language and a Voice

We offer over 301 voices for you to choose from. No other applications match this mammoth number. Before generating the speech you can preview each voice and pick the one that best suits your requirements.

You can tweak the speech output by adding longer pauses, emphasizing selective words and adjusting the pace of the speech. These configurations will allow you to modify the tone of the voiceover.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Within a few seconds the voiceover gets generated. It can be played inside the SpeechVid app before downloading. If you don’t like the generated voiceover, you can delete and try a different voice.

When you are satisfied with the output speech, just download the generated voiceover and it to your video. Kudos!

Use SpeechVid To
Create VoiceOvers For Your:

Sales Videos:

Your audience can become tone-deaf quickly if your tone and pitch are off. Just like with pacing, you want to speak naturally, while also being friendly—but not to the extent it comes off as fake or forced. SpeechVid offers a variety of voices that will capture your audiences’ attention and win you sales.

Training Videos:

One needs to ensure you pronounce each word correctly and clearly for training videos. While a regional accent is inevitable for some, SpeechVid offers a solution with 301+ voices. It delivers the speech clearly and sound words in a natural yet intentional manner.

Educational Videos:

The quality of the voiceover generated using SpeechVid is clear and at a comfortable volume. You need to pace your voice so it’s not too fast or too slow. SpeechVid comes with all kinds of voices that you can use for your educational videos.

Listen To Some Astonishing Demo Voices From SpeechVid:

🇺🇸 US English – Male

🇺🇸 US English – Female

🇺🇸 India English – Female

🇺🇸 UK English – Female

🇺🇸 Australia English – Female

🇺🇸 Arabic – Female

🇺🇸 Danish – Female

🇺🇸 Dutch – Female

🇺🇸 Filipino – Female

🇺🇸 Finnish – Female

🇺🇸 French – Female

🇺🇸 German – Female

🇺🇸 Greek – Female

🇺🇸 Hindi – Female

🇺🇸 Indonesian – Female

🇺🇸 Malay – Female

🇺🇸 Norwegian – Female

🇺🇸 Polish – Female

🇺🇸 Portuguese – Female

🇺🇸 Russian – Female

🇺🇸 Spanish – Female

🇺🇸 Swedish – Female

🇺🇸 Thai – Female

🇺🇸 Turkish – Female

🇺🇸 Vietnamese – Female

Mammoth List of 304 Voices.

1. Afrikaans Afrikaans: Afryea(Female)

2. Arabic Arabic: Suwaydah(Female)

3. Arabic Arabic: Maarij(Male)

4. Arabic Pro Arabic: Hudhaifa(Male)

5. Arabic Pro Arabic: Najidah(Female)

6. Arabic Pro Arabic: Aasimah(Female)

7. Arabic Pro Arabic: Sydeek(Male)

8. Arabic Pro Arabic: Aazad(Male)

9. Arabic Pro Arabic: Aamira(Female)

10. Bengali Bengali: Vijayanthi(Female)

11. Bengali Pro Bengali: Bansilal(Male)

12. Bengali Pro Bengali: Priyanka(Female)

13. Bengali Pro Bengali: Pulakesh(Male)

14. Bulgarian Bulgarian: Baltova(Female)

15. Catalan Catalan: Luisa(Female)

16. Chinese Chinese (Hong Kong): Jasmine Siu(Female)

17. Chinese Pro Chinese (Hong Kong): Timble Li(Male)

18. Chinese Pro Chinese (Hong Kong): Agnes Chow(Female)

19. Chinese Pro Chinese (Hong Kong): Ng Yin-pak(Male)

20. Czech Czech: Marianne(Female)

21. Czech Pro Czech: Plaminkova(Female)

22. Danish Danish: Charlotte(Female)

23. Danish Danish: Rasmussen(Male)

24. Danish Pro Danish: Karen(Female)

25. Danish Pro Danish: Rikkie(Female)

26. Danish Pro Danish: Julie Nygard(Female)

27. Danish Pro Danish: Nyrup(Male)

28. Danish Pro Danish: Andrreassen(Female)

29. Danish Pro Danish: Mathiesen(Female)

30. Dutch Dutch (Belgium): Wigburg(Female)

31. Dutch Dutch (Belgium): Garritt(Male)

32. Dutch Pro Dutch (Belgium): Kalie(Female)

33. Dutch Pro Dutch (Belgium): Hanson(Male)

34. Dutch Dutch (Netherlands): Marien(Female)

35. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Zeeman(Male)

36. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Willem(Male)

37. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Rozamond(Female)

38. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Skylar(Female)

39. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Tryne(Female)

40. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Gregor(Male)

41. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Vandenberg(Male)

42. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Sybylla(Female)

43. Dutch Pro Dutch (Netherlands): Hendrika(Female)

44. English English (Australia): Addison(Female)

45. English English (Australia): Bernard(Male)

46. English Pro English (Australia): Emily(Female)

47. English Pro English (Australia): Noah(Male)

48. English Pro English (Australia): Hannah(Female)

49. English Pro English (Australia): Paul(Male)

50. English Pro English (Australia): Isabella(Female)

51. English Pro English (Australia): Cuma(Male)

52. English English (India): Sweta(Female)

53. English English (India): Vicky(Male)

54. English Pro English (India): Srinivasan(Male)

55. English Pro English (India): Anita(Female)

56. English Pro English (India): Priya(Female)

57. English Pro English (India): Ashvanth(Male)

58. English Pro English (India): Aakash(Male)

59. English Pro English (India): Manju(Female)

60. English English (UK): Maisie(Female)

61. English English (UK): Jackson(Male)

62. English Pro English (UK): Cressida(Female)

63. English Pro English (UK): Parker(Male)

64. English Pro English (UK): Scarlette(Female)

65. English Pro English (UK): Lennon(Female)

66. English Pro English (UK): Jameson(Male)

67. English Pro English (UK): Ivy(Female)

68. English Pro English (UK): Everett(Male)

69. English Pro English (UK): Charlotte(Female)

70. English English (US): Henry(Male)

71. English English (US): William(Male)

72. English English (US): Olivia(Female)

73. English English (US): Michael(Male)

74. English Pro English (US): Emma(Female)

75. English Pro English (US): Sophia(Female)

76. English Pro English (US): Camila(Female)

77. English Pro English (US): Luna(Female)

78. English Pro English (US): Jacob(Male)

79. English Pro English (US): Sebastian(Male)

80. English Pro English (US): Jayden(Male)

81. English Pro English (US): Thomas(Male)

82. English Pro English (US): Penelope(Female)

83. English Pro English (US): Charles(Male)

84. English Pro English (US): Chloe(Female)

85. English Pro English (US): Hazel(Female)

86. English Pro English (US): Nova(Female)

87. English Pro English (US): Lucy(Female)

88. English Pro English (US): Ryan(Male)

89. English Pro English (US): Austin(Male)

90. Filipino Filipino: Diana(Female)

91. Filipino Filipino: Gertrude(Female)

92. Filipino Pro Filipino: Hendrix(Male)

93. Filipino Pro Filipino: Lawrence(Male)

94. Filipino Pro Filipino: Giselle(Female)

95. Filipino Pro Filipino: Edna(Female)

96. Filipino Pro Filipino: Jade(Male)

97. Filipino Pro Filipino: Lancelot(Male)

98. Finnish Finnish: Jaakkina(Female)

99. Finnish Pro Finnish: Katrina(Female)

100. French French (Canada): Celine(Female)

101. French French (Canada): Diggory(Male)

102. French French (Canada): Émilie(Female)

103. French French (Canada): Ethan(Male)

104. French French (Canada): Reine(Female)

105. French French (Canada): Harvey(Male)

106. French Pro French (Canada): Valentine(Female)

107. French Pro French (Canada): Benard(Male)

108. French French (France): Yvonne(Female)

109. French French (France): Philippe(Male)

110. French Pro French (France): Fernande(Female)

111. French Pro French (France): Guillaume(Male)

112. French Pro French (France): Jeanne(Female)

113. French Pro French (France): Honorine(Female)

114. French Pro French (France): Olivier(Male)

115. French Pro French (France): Colette(Female)

116. French Pro French (France): Jacques(Male)

117. French Pro French (France): Margot(Female)

118. German German: Mia(Female)

119. German German: Jonas(Male)

120. German German: Felix(Male)

121. German German: Hannah(Female)

122. German Pro German: Jacob(Male)

123. German Pro German: Mila(Female)

124. German Pro German: Johanna(Female)

125. German Pro German: Noah(Male)

126. German Pro German: Charlotte(Female)

127. German Pro German: Liam(Male)

128. German Pro German: Moritz(Male)

129. German Pro German: Leonie(Female)

130. Greek Greek: Basilia(Female)

131. Greek Pro Greek: Tyra(Female)

132. Gujarati Gujarati: Barkha(Female)

133. Gujarati Gujarati: Narendar(Male)

134. Gujarati Pro Gujarati: Chiragi(Female)

135. Gujarati Pro Gujarati: Sumit(Male)

136. Hindi Hindi: Simran(Female)

137. Hindi Hindi: Ishaan(Male)

138. Hindi Hindi: Rahul(Male)

139. Hindi Pro Hindi: Kiara(Female)

140. Hindi Pro Hindi: Neha(Female)

141. Hindi Pro Hindi: Sameer(Male)

142. Hindi Pro Hindi: Adwait(Male)

143. Hindi Pro Hindi: Kareena(Female)

144. Hungarian Hungarian: Beatrix(Female)

145. Hungarian Pro Hungarian: Karola(Female)

146. Icelandic Icelandic: Klara(Female)

147. Indonesian Indonesian: Amisha(Female)

148. Indonesian Indonesian: Putra(Male)

149. Indonesian Indonesian: Abyasa(Male)

150. Indonesian Pro Indonesian: Legi(Female)

151. Indonesian Pro Indonesian: Inten(Female)

152. Indonesian Pro Indonesian: Vikal(Male)

153. Indonesian Pro Indonesian: Dumadji(Male)

154. Indonesian Pro Indonesian: Indah(Female)

155. Italian Italian: Giana(Female)

156. Italian Italian: Camilla(Female)

157. Italian Pro Italian: Enzo(Male)

158. Italian Pro Italian: Romeo(Male)

159. Italian Pro Italian: Isabella(Female)

160. Italian Pro Italian: Luciana(Female)

161. Italian Pro Italian: Rocco(Male)

162. Italian Pro Italian: Valentino(Male)

163. Japanese Japanese: Akari(Female)

164. Japanese Japanese: Chiyoko(Female)

165. Japanese Japanese: Kaito(Male)

166. Japanese Japanese: Sota(Male)

167. Japanese Pro Japanese: Fumiko(Female)

168. Japanese Pro Japanese: Haruka(Female)

169. Japanese Pro Japanese: Shigeru(Male)

170. Japanese Pro Japanese: Masaru(Male)

171. Kannada Kannada: Rutika(Female)

172. Kannada Kannada: Vinyas(Male)

173. Kannada Pro Kannada: Shreshti(Female)

174. Kannada Pro Kannada: Vishi(Male)

175. Korean Korean: Hana(Female)

176. Korean Korean: Myeong(Female)

177. Korean Pro Korean: Hwan(Male)

178. Korean Pro Korean: Myung(Male)

179. Korean Pro Korean: Binna(Female)

180. Korean Pro Korean: Iseul(Female)

181. Korean Pro Korean: Shin(Male)

182. Korean Pro Korean: Tae(Male)

183. Latvian Latvian: Anatolijs(Male)

184. Malay Malay: Mahsuri(Female)

185. Malay Malay: Atheer(Male)

186. Malay Pro Malay: Khatijah(Female)

187. Malay Pro Malay: Junada(Male)

188. Malay Pro Malay: Maarib(Female)

189. Malay Pro Malay: Firash(Male)

190. Malay Pro Malay: Delima(Female)

191. Malay Pro Malay: Khilaal(Male)

192. Malayalam Malayalam: Parvathi(Female)

193. Malayalam Malayalam: Niyan(Male)

194. Malayalam Malayalam: Lily(Female)

195. Malayalam Pro Malayalam: Ivaan(Male)

196. Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese: Chyou(Female)

197. Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese: Feng(Male)

198. Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese: Baozhai(Female)

199. Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese: Zixin(Male)

200. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Qianfan(Male)

201. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Daiyu(Female)

202. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Fen(Female)

203. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Aiguo(Male)

204. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Shanyuan(Male)

205. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Liling(Female)

206. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Genghis(Male)

207. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Zhan(Female)

208. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Aiguo(Male)

209. Mandarin Chinese Pro Mandarin Chinese: Zixin(Male)

210. Norwegian Norwegian: Amalie(Female)

211. Norwegian Norwegian: Oskar(Male)

212. Norwegian Norwegian: Frida(Female)

213. Norwegian Norwegian: Hanna(Female)

214. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Carina(Female)

215. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Rasmus(Male)

216. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Dorothea(Female)

217. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Sander(Male)

218. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Ellinore(Female)

219. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Tobias(Male)

220. Norwegian Pro Norwegian: Heidi(Female)

221. Polish Polish: Lena(Female)

222. Polish Polish: Dominik(Male)

223. Polish Pro Polish: Hubert(Male)

224. Polish Pro Polish: Gizela(Female)

225. Polish Pro Polish: Jolanta(Female)

226. Polish Pro Polish: Eliza(Female)

227. Polish Pro Polish: Alfred(Male)

228. Polish Pro Polish: Filip(Male)

229. Polish Pro Polish: Aldona(Female)

230. Polish Pro Polish: Alina(Female)

231. Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil): Matilde(Female)

232. Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil): Sofia(Female)

233. Portuguese Portuguese (Portugal): Leonor(Female)

234. Portuguese Portuguese (Portugal): Rodrigo(Male)

235. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Rafael(Male)

236. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Maria(Female)

237. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Clara(Female)

238. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Lucas(Male)

239. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Gustavo(Male)

240. Portuguese Pro Portuguese (Portugal): Madalena(Female)

241. Punjabi Punjabi: Preet(Female)

242. Punjabi Punjabi: Agampreet(Male)

243. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Jasleen(Female)

244. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Gursharan(Male)

245. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Rasleen(Female)

246. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Veer(Male)

247. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Guneet(Female)

248. Punjabi Pro Punjabi: Chirag(Male)

249. Romanian Romanian: Viviana(Female)

250. Romanian Pro Romanian: Zandra(Female)

251. Russian Russian: Anastasia(Female)

252. Russian Russian: Daniil(Male)

253. Russian Pro Russian: Anya(Female)

254. Russian Pro Russian: Aleksandr(Male)

255. Russian Pro Russian: Kira(Female)

256. Russian Pro Russian: Alyona(Female)

257. Russian Pro Russian: Dmitri(Male)

258. Russian Pro Russian: Yulia(Female)

259. Russian Pro Russian: Mikhail(Male)

260. Russian Pro Russian: Sasha(Female)

261. Serbian Serbian: Elena(Female)

262. Slovak Slovak: Valeska(Female)

263. Slovak Pro Slovak: Zofie(Female)

264. Spanish Spanish (Spain): Sierra(Female)

265. Spanish Spanish (Spain): Cristofer(Male)

266. Spanish Pro Spanish (Spain): Lujuana(Female)

267. Spanish Pro Spanish (Spain): Ria(Female)

268. Spanish Pro Spanish (Spain): Damario(Male)

269. Spanish Pro Spanish (Spain): Linda(Female)

270. Spanish Pro Spanish (Spain): Emerald(Female)

271. Spanish Spanish (US): Kesare(Female)

272. Spanish Spanish (US): Macario(Male)

273. Spanish Pro Spanish (US): Sabino(Male)

274. Spanish Pro Spanish (US): Dulcinea(Female)

275. Spanish Pro Spanish (US): Edmundo(Male)

276. Spanish Pro Spanish (US): Severo(Male)

277. Swedish Swedish: Kajsa(Female)

278. Swedish Pro Swedish: Inga(Female)

279. Tamil Tamil: Kanimozhi(Female)

280. Tamil Tamil: Murugan(Male)

281. Tamil Pro Tamil: Priya(Female)

282. Tamil Pro Tamil: Raja(Male)

283. Telugu Telugu: Preethi(Female)

284. Telugu Pro Telugu: Raj Babu(Male)

285. Thai Thai: Apsara(Female)

286. Turkish Turkish: Hiranur(Female)

287. Turkish Turkish: Mustafa(Male)

288. Turkish Pro Turkish: Ecrin(Female)

289. Turkish Pro Turkish: Miray(Female)

290. Turkish Pro Turkish: Berat(Male)

291. Turkish Pro Turkish: Zehra(Female)

292. Turkish Pro Turkish: Ahmet(Male)

293. Turkish Pro Turkish: Zeynep(Female)

294. Turkish Pro Turkish: Elif(Female)

295. Turkish Pro Turkish: Hamza(Male)

296. Ukrainian Ukrainian: Valeria Burlakova(Female)

297. Ukrainian Pro Ukrainian: Sofia Andrukhovych(Female)

298. Vietnamese Vietnamese: Bui Kim(Female)

299. Vietnamese Vietnamese: Van Dong(Male)

300. Vietnamese Pro Vietnamese: Phuong Trang(Female)

301. Vietnamese Pro Vietnamese: Tan Dung(Male)

302. Vietnamese Pro Vietnamese: Dang Phuong(Female)

303. Vietnamese Pro Vietnamese: Huy Rura(Male)

304. Vietnamese Pro Vietnamese: Cat Thao(Female)

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301 Premium VOICES: As if the 100 human-sounding voices in 44 languages weren’t enough, in the PRO version, we TRIPLE the number of voices that you get to 301 total!


Campaign Support: In order to work efficiently, you need to keep things organized! In the pro version you’ll be able to create new campaigns for each project or for each client that you sign.


Dialogue Type Voiceovers: using two or more voices in your videos is proven to make people more engaged in what you have to say. In the PRO version, you unlock the “MERGE” function, which will allow you to use multiple voices in a single voiceover.


Create Longer Voiceovers: With the standard version of SpeechVid your voiceovers can’t have more than 700 words per voiceover. But when you upgrade to SpeechVid Pro, you create 4x length per voiceover! we TRIPLE the number of voices that you get to 301 total!


90+ Mesmerizing Background Music Tracks: We offer a variety of genres of music, from cinematic tracks to joyful tracks or motivational music!


COMMERCIAL LICENSE: That means that you can sell the voiceovers, and keep all the money and all the profits!

What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Softwares

SpeechVid Extraordinary Features


301+ Voices

No other software offers this much number of natural voices.


Online Text Editor

A built-in text editor to add all necessary punctuation marks with the help of our A.I. engine to generate human-sounding voiceover.


Emphasizes & Pauses

You can emphasize the selected word or sentence to highlight the importance. Add longer pauses after phrases as necessary.


44 Languages

Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French,German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.


Alter Speech Speed

You can adjust the speed of the voiceover to slow, medium, or fast.


Adjust Pitch

Granted with full control to control and customize the pitch of the voiceover.


You are getting unbeatable value at a low one-time price - unlimited voiceovers creation forever and unrestricted access to premium features.

This involves significant, ongoing costs to us.

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  • Campaign Support
  • Dialogue Type Voiceovers
  • Longer Voiceovers
  • 90+ Background Music Tracks
  • COMMERCIAL license
  • I’ll be able to create HIGH-QUALITY voiceovers for a one time fee
  • I will be able to use the automated AI engine, to generate human-like voiceovers
  • I will get full training, free support, and free updates!
  • I’ll have total editing and customization freedom of the text that I use in SpeechVid
  • I will get 301+ human-sounding voices in over 44 languages!
  • I understand that I will not have to pay the recurring monthly fee.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Cloud-Based software?

Yes, SpeechVid is a cloud based solution. Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install.

You can use SpeechVid from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

Do I get free updates?

YES! You get 100% free auto updates.

Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded.
You don’t need to worry about checking manually for updates, everything is done 100% automatically, hassle free.

Does it work in multiple languages?

Yes, it works in ENGLISH and 44 other languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French,German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more.

What happens if I miss out on This Deal?

This is a VERY limited offer and a ONE TIME PAYMENT. Once the launch special ends, SpeechVid will only be offered for $100 one time and $47 a month. So don’t sit on the fence, act now and don’t miss out.

What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Softwares



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